Among The Kasvu Open 2015 Finalists

We are embracing digitality and with that emphasis in mind we participated Sonera Digipolku — one of the Kasvu Open growth paths — in spring 2015. We were elected to the final 15 then. To top it all we were later granted an opportunity to represent ourselves in the Kasvu Open 2015 finals, too.

Our Concept

FinRehab combines the portability and flexibility of a rubber band with the safety and precision of large exercise machines.

FinRehab's Device

Our equipment is small (260 x 170 x 230 mm), lightweight (2.5 kg), one way resisting and adjustable (0-9 kg). It is suitable for upper and lower limbs.

  • Highly mobile
  • Easily adjusted
  • Extremely safe
  • Forces stay consistant
  • No counterforce
  • Good value for money
  • Extremely mobile
  • Highly affordable
  • Not that safe
  • Forces are progressive
  • Equal counterforce
  • Vague adjustability
kettle bell
Free Weights
  • Affordable
  • Rather safe
  • Forces stay quite consistant
  • Usually not adjustable
  • Not that mobile
  • Equal counterforce
cable machine
Cable Machines
  • Safe
  • Forces stay consistant
  • Straightforward adjustability
  • Fixed location
  • Poor affordability
  • Equal counterforce

We will share more about our revolutionary product here as soon as we can. This site will also act as a home for a blog related to life sciences, health and wellbeing.

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About Us

FinRehab Ltd. produces physiofitness solutions that enhance physical performance and wellbeing. Solutions are based on high quality equipment and user friendly services. The combination makes exercising more pleasant and productive for both the therapists and their clients.

FinRehab Ltd. was founded 2014.

Core Team
Petri Liukkonen
Petri Liukkonen
CEO & Co-founder
  • MSc (Sports Science and Management)
  • Service Business Specialist and the original Innovator
  • Sales and Account Management
Petri Liukkonen in LinkedIn
Tero Wiik
Tero Wiik
Creative Director & Co-founder
  • BDes (Industrial Design) and MSc (Software Engineering)
  • Product Development Specialist
  • Design and Information Technology
Tero Wiik in LinkedIn
Street Address

Kymölänkuja 5
FI-40200 Jyväskylä

Phone Number

plus three five eight four four zero five two two zero nine nine

Email Address

contact at finrehab dot com