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Our vision is to become the world's leading solution provider in mobile rehabilitation and home exercising. At first our clients consists of physical treatment and rehabilitation centers, sports clinics, hospitals, health and elderly care centers. Our solution allows them to serve their customers more efficiently. Later on we will make the concept commercially available for fitness enthusiasts, too.


We thrive for better rehabilitation. We will increase the safety during exercising with the unique mechanism of our equipment. Small size and light weight count for high mobility which enables users to break free from traditional constraints of time and space. Exercising becomes less painful in various ways and the incentives offered by our services keep the users highly motivated. The chance of successful rehabilitation is significantly improved, hence leading to better results as well.

Where We Are Now

The equipment has matured to 3rd prototype. We are starting presales with the mechanized version. However, we are also looking for seed funding to give it some intelligence and to kick off the software development.

How We Got Started

More than two years ago my right upper arm and hand got struck by vile pain. It started all of a sudden and never let go - not even for a short moment. The nights were like hell when you couldn't sleep and you had nothing but time to dwell on the pain.

As I was rather fit with excellent muscle condition (my wife considers me a Superman), the cause of the pain seemed like a mystery to me. My physiotherapist thought I was working too much on the computer, and in unergonomic positions.

He suggested that I could try to alleviate the pain by using rehabilitatory equipment at home. He designed a three-week program which was supposed to strengthen certain muscles and thus start the healing process by exercise rehabilitation.

All that twitching and whisking for example with rubber bands and free weights probably did train some muscles but the pain remained. I did believe in the instructions and properly conducted movements he suggested but what can you do if the pain just would give up. I started pondering an alternative way of rehabilitating similar kind of conditions.

From amidst the pain rose the thought of another kind of rehabilitatory equipment. At first I doubted whether the newly born idea was something new - the humankind has developed all sorts of ideas all through history. However, the preliminary search didn't reveal similar apparatuses neither in stores nor in patent databases. So I dived into the details and started striving towards the markets.

Petri Liukkonen, the CEO and co-founder of FinRehab
Petri Liukkonen
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